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Dice Shaming: It Was A Really Bad Night

Sometimes dismemberment is actually worse than death. Shame on you, dice.

Dice Shaming: It Was A Bad Night

Lingering injuries… too much grittiness? I think not. Shame on you, dice.

A DM’s Guide to Dragon Heist: Chapter Two

Either you love Chapter 2 of Dragon Heist, or you really hate it. Let me help you DM’s figure out which side you’re on.

Dice Shaming: The Bane Spell Problem

Changing d20 rolls with spells and bardic inspiration and suchlike can give some very strange results. Shame on you, dice.

Dice Shaming: One In Four Hundred

Advantage and disadvantage make critical success and critical failure really unlikely. Sometimes, that’s not unlikely enough. Shame on you, dice.

A Simple Guide to Roleplaying Game Basics

How does a tabletop roleplaying game work, anyway? New to D&D, or want to learn to play? Here’s what you need to know for a solid start.

House Mechanics: Run Away! Run Away!

Players who never run from a fight, no matter how bad it gets. One problem is that the combat system handles that poorly. Here’s how to handle it better.

Using the Rules Better: Passive Checks, and Why You Should Use Them

Every DM in 5E knows about Passive Perception, but we shouldn’t stop there. we can use other skills passively to improve play. Players don’t know as much as their characters: let’s fix that.

A DM’s Guide to Dragon Heist: Intro and Chapter One

Dragon Heist is a little different than what’s been done before. Get ready to run the adventure with this general overview, as well as a closer look at Chapter 1.

A Simple Guide to Getting Into D&D

You’ve heard about Dungeons and Dragons, or maybe just the cryptic moniker “D&D”, and you want to know more. It’s easy for anyone to get started having epic adventures, and here’s a guide to the basics.