Getting Personal

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Getting Personal

What’s it all about, anyway? On this page, I’ll share what I think are the two most important things you need to know about me as a DM, and even as a person: my origin story, and my DM Credo.

The story will tell you how I got started with D&D, and how I got restarted with D&D years later, and why this site is even a thing.

My DM Credo is something I show to all of my players, and I also tape a copy onto the inside front cover of all of my adventure books. It tells the people around my table what I stand for, and it makes sure that I don’t forget it either.

If you look over the story and the credo, you’ll know what makes me tick as a DM. That’s what the Getting Personal page is all about.

The Origin Story: Rise of A Young DM

It all started with a backgammon set, a deck of cards, a chessboard, and a few fifth-generation photocopies.  It ended with some Fifth Edition campaigns and a D&D website… and it’s still going.

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The DM Credo: what I stand for

Everyone needs to know what they find important, what concepts they value, what actions they will and will not take.  That’s the DM Credo: I show it to my players so they know how I plan to run my games and conduct myself, and I tape it into the front cover of my adventure modules so I don’t forget it myself.

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