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The Art of the Total Party Kill

Total Party Kills are an overall miserable experience, and not just because PC’s die. Fortunately, we can do better.

Something Different: Managing Time

D&D requires that we keep track of the passage of time, but do we need to measure every second? No, in fact… find out why.

Something Different: Dungeons & Drugs & Dragons

Tired of ale and wine as the sum total of available intoxicants for your game? Here are some suggestions of mine, and how to design your own.

Using the Rules Better: A Return to Passive Stealth

The notion of “passive stealth” has come up here before: how can characters sneak around without a lot of dice being rolled? Now there’s an answer.

Urban Renewal: Skullport

The authors of Dungeon of the Mad Mage left the town of Skullport empty, unused, and unusable. Let’s fix that.

Playing Pelota in the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

My original guide on the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan unfortunately glossed over the Tomb of Pelota. Here’s a pelota guide to make up for that.

Shoestring Dungeon Mastery

“Let’s get a D&D game going! I’ll be the fighter, Jane can be the cleric… oh, and YOU get to be the DM.” If this sounds familiar, this article is for you.

Something Different: Crafting in 5th Edition

Lots of crafting systems, even for 5E, just don’t work. Here’s how adventure and crafting are the same thing.

Three Quick Hacks for Holes in 5th Edition

Rules are never perfect, and that’s OK. Spellbooks, NPC interactions, and darkvision have their issues. Find some solutions here.

Using the Rules Better: Perception and Investigation

Everyone has their own ideas about Perception and Investigation. This is how to actually use them in your games.