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Why be Chaotic Neutral?

In a world of uncertainty and constant change…

… being mercurial is an advantage.

Welcome to Chaotic Neutral Dungeon Mastery, where you’ll find guides for Dungeon Masters, hacks for 5th Edition rules, innovative game design, and plenty of me pontificating about all things Dungeons and Dragons.

Whether you’re a Dungeon Master, a player, or even that player who everyone is trying to convince to be the next Dungeon Master, there’s something for you here.

For DM’s running adventures and campaigns from Wizards of the Coast’s official hardcover books, there’s Here There Be Spoilers, with the best advice I can give from games and campaigns that I have actually run… genuine war stories to make your life easier and your game more fun for you and everyone else.

Something For Everyone is a series of articles on rules hacks and game design.  There’s nothing there that will spoil the game for players or break the legendary DM Code of Silence, but there’s plenty to consider, and maybe even recommend to your DM.

And, of course, Reviews and Rants  is where you can learn what’s right and what’s wrong in D&D today.  Guaranteed opinionated, but also guaranteed well thought through.  Want to get a review of new WotC hardcovers, before dropping your fifty bucks?  That’s here too.

Wondering where all this is coming from?  Getting Personal tells you what I’ve done and what I’m about.

So, take a look around… and remember to stay flexible.




Coming Up: DM’s Guide to Undermountain

The DM’s Guide to Undermountain installment for dungeon levels 10 through 12 is currently in the pipeline.  My current Undermountain campaign seems to be back on track, so hopefully the guides will come a little more regularly for a while.


Coming Up: D&D For The Whole Family

D&D is great for kids… they have imagination, enthusiasm, and creativity, after all, and that’s what a tabletop game really relies on.  I’ve been working on ways to make learning to play D&D, and actually playing the game, easier to manage for our next generation of players.  I’ll give some DM tips, adventure guides, and a kid-friendly character sheet in this upcoming feature.


Coming Up: Design and Mechanics

Major projects right now include “Varick the Cleric”, which is a fix for parties without healers, but playtesting is still needed.  Also, a numerical method for creating a maze as part of your adventure will be coming soon, and definitely before the Undermountain DL 12 guide comes out.


New to Dungeons & Dragons?

So, your friends want you to join their D&D group.  Or maybe you’ve been impressed lately by the super-cool people who play D&D, and you want to be one of them.  If you’re wondering how to start, or at least learn what you’re getting yourself into, I’ve written some articles just for you.



The Dungeon Master’s Guides

If you’re running or planning to run one of the Wizards of the Coast hardcover campaigns, take a look here for helpful hints, fixes, and advice.  Take it from someone who’s been there and done that… it’s great to learn from your own mistakes, but wouldn’t you rather learn from mine?  Remember, these are for DM’s, so don’t cheat and peek, players.

Check Out All of the DM’s Guides Here


Dragon Heist

Dragon Heist is either an awesome setting for a homebrewed mystery story, or else it’s a fairly decent ready-made mystery story.  However you plan to run it, get some help and advice here.


Dungeon of the Mad Mage

Dungeon of the Mad Mage is a huge dungeon complex, with a crazy amount of environments, dangers, and NPC’s with axes to grind.  Follow me as I delve deeper into Undermountain in this ongoing series of guides.


Tomb of Annihilation

The jungles of Chult await you with a Death Curse that makes even the smallest mistakes into irreversible losses.  And yes, there is a Tomb at the end, and much Annihilation takes place therein.  How does one survive?


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Talk is Cheap, but Books are Expensive

Before you shell out fifty bucks on the latest glossy hardcover from Wizards of the Coast, check here for my reviews of the new releases… and be prepared for some serious discussion on design and content, because that’s what we do here.

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