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All of the DM’s Guides to Hardcover Adventures

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Tomb of Annihilation

Intro and Chapter One

The Death Curse has fallen upon all of Faerun, and all indications point to Port Nyanzaru as the place to start looking. Get off tho a good start to this epic campaign with this guide.

Intro and Chapter One Guide
chapter two

This guide will bring you through the vast jungles of Chult, with danger and adventure throughout the journey. Make it a memorable one for both players and characters.

Chapter Two Guide
Chapter Three

The Lost City of Omu presents many difficulties for the Dungeon Master trying to keep the adventure on track. If you’re looking for a solution to handling shrines, factions, and even random encounters, take a look here.

Chapter Three Guide
Chapters Four and Five

From the Fane of the Night Serpent and into the dreaded Tomb of the Nine Gods, this guide will give you the benefit of my experience with the Tomb, the traps, and the final showdown and falling action.

Chapters Four and Five Guide

Dragon Heist

Intro and Chapter One

This presents the introductory material, with a few things to keep in mind throughout the adventure, and a guide to the kidnapping and rescue that makes up Chapter One.

Intro and Chapter One Guide
Chapter Two

Chapter Two is all about settling into daily life in Waterdeep. This guide will help you choose how you want to develop the party’s standing in the City of Splendors.

Chapter Two Guide
Chapter Three

Chapter Three is where the party really begins to get into the action and become a part of the story and mystery of the Neverember hoard. Whether you want to go with the book or make up your own story, this guide has something for you.

Chapter Three Guide
Chapter Four to the End

You’ll have to decide how you want the final burst of action to work for the adventure, and then wind things down to a satisfactory ending. I’ll give you some helpful hints, as well as one world-shattering piece of advice to make your ending a success.

Chapter Four to the End Guide

Tales from the yawning Portal

Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

The 1980 adventure “Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan” from Tales from the Yawning Portal gives great Mesoamerican flavor. Here’s a guide to read before you run it.

Hidden Shrine Guide
Hidden Shrine: Playing Pelota

The original Hidden Shrine guide didn’t give much attention to the Tomb of Pelota.  Here’s a supplement on how to play pelota and play it well.

Playing Pelota Guide
The Sunless Citadel

Venture deep underground to a fetid garden with a deadly secret.  Something unnatural is growing there, beyond the reach of the sun…

Coming Soon
Dead in Thay

The land of Thay is notorious for evil wizardry.  In a secret compound of monsters and magic, will you have the power and courage to emerge alive?

Dead In Thay Guide

Dungeon of the Mad Mage

A Very First Look

Here’s some general tips on how the mega-dungeon in Dungeon of the Mad Mage, based on my experience running large dungeons. War stories to follow.

A Very First Look
Levels One through Three

The war stories begin with a trek through the more classic dungeon levels nearer the surface, and then into the heart of an underground war.

Dungeon Levels One through Three
Levels Four through Six

Advice for handling underground lakes, forests, and of course caves, provided by a DM who has been there and done that.

Dungeon Levels Four through Six
Levels Seven through Nine

Deeper still into Undermountain, find caverns, castles, swamps, and schools.  A helpful guide to an eclectic mix.

Dungeon Levels Seven through Nine