Articles for New Players

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New to Dungeons & Dragons?

This collection of articles is meant to help the next wave of tabletop gamers to find their footing in the world of roleplaying games.  There can be a lot of details and information to manage for the new player, and I hope that you’ll find some content here that will make your first steps easier.

A Simple Guide to Getting into Dungeons & Dragons

The first in the series of articles for new or prospective players of D&D, this one is meant to bring you up to speed on how D&D came to be and what tabletop RPG’s are out there.  Then, learn about the basic things you need to get ready to play.


A simple Guide to Roleplaying Game Basics

Aside from gathering up rules, dice, and friends, you’ll need a basic understanding of how roleplaying games are played.  Fortunately, with the d20 System, learning the basics is pretty quick and easy.  This article is meant to introduce those basic concepts, allowing you to build upon your knowledge into a wider understanding of the rules of the TTRPG of your choice.


Shoestring Dungeon Mastery 

“Let’s get a D&D game going! I’ll be the fighter, Jane can be the cleric… oh, and YOU get to be the DM.” If this sounds familiar, this article is for you.  Getting roped into being the DM isn’t about being a great DM, it’s about being an adequate DM and surviving long enough to get better with experience.  This article is written to help you involuntary DM’s get the minimum skills needed to make a go of it.